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Welcome to Strong Workspace

Strong Workspace is the groundbreaking SaaS Platform that has carved a unique niche for itself by being the first platform that caters specifically to secure onboarding of external developers. Recognized for its ability to ensure robust security protocols without creating bottlenecks in the developer's productivity, it sets a new industry standard in secure software development processes.

In the contemporary IT landscape, maintaining an equilibrium between developer productivity and impenetrable security can be a difficult task. But at Strong Workspace, we're committed to achieving this balance, thereby providing an environment where productivity and security go hand in hand.

CREDENTIALS PROTECTION: With Strong Workspace, we go the extra mile to protect your resource credentials from falling into unauthorized hands. We not only enhance compliance but also proactively mitigate the risk of credential-based attacks, thereby safeguarding your sensitive assets. When it comes to the secure handling of credentials, we're the trusted industry choice.

DATA LOSS PREVENTION: Our commitment to data security is unwavering. Strong Workspace offers a robust solution that prevents unauthorized leakage of sensitive information. We prioritize data privacy, thereby providing you protection against potential legal, financial, or reputational damage caused by accidental or intentional data breaches. Choose Strong Workspace for a worry-free data handling experience.

REAL-TIME SECURITY LOGS: We equip you with comprehensive real-time security logs that can be accessed via user-friendly dashboards or through our highly compatible API. Our focus is to ensure you're promptly alerted of threats for swift detection, effective investigation, proactive response, and successful risk management. In a dynamic threat landscape, we make sure you're always one step ahead.

REAL-TIME PRODUCTIVITY METRICS: We understand the need for real-time insights into your workforce's performance. That's why we provide you with visual dashboards that offer an all-encompassing view into work performance and resource access. With Strong Workspace, you can ensure seamless communication and effective monitoring of your global team.

INSTANT ONBOARD ON ANY DEVICE: Our dedication to productivity is second to none. We facilitate easy and immediate access to standard or customized development stacks and data, defined as Docker containers. Regardless of your choice of device, Strong Workspace delivers a seamless integration experience, driving enhanced productivity.

ROLE-BASED TEAM MANAGEMENT: At Strong Workspace, we believe in facilitating improved collaboration, task delegation, and accountability using role-based access. Our platform doesn't just optimize team performance but also aids in achieving better outcomes, thereby contributing to a more efficient and streamlined development process.

Strong Workspace is a sophisticated SaaS IT solution that is the preferred choice for businesses that seek to hire external developers without compromising on asset protection. We provide a secure coding environment accessible through a cloud-based IDE that ensures full data loss prevention and real-time monitoring, setting us apart in the competitive SaaS market.

By leveraging the power of software containers, Strong Workspace provides a shield for coding environments, thereby empowering developers to work remotely without the looming risk of data leakage. Coupled with our data loss prevention system, we provide a comprehensive solution for the secure handling of sensitive data.

Strong Workspace is renowned for swift onboarding of external developers, offering a ready-to-use, portable coding environment in under a minute. Our dedication to faster coding environments, shorter build times, and a user experience that parallels a local setting, contributes significantly to enhanced productivity and user satisfaction. Join us at Strong Workspace and experience a new standard in secure software development.

    Plan Features
  • 4CPU 16GB Workspaces
  • RBAC Team Management
  • Core Resources
  • Workspace Access via Cloud IDE
  • Standard Containers
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Security Audit Log

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    All Starter Features Plus
  • Ticket Support
  • Performance Dashboard
  • ISO 27001 Risk Controls
  • HTTPS/SSH Services
  • Custom Containers

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    All Advanced Features Plus
  • SAML Services
  • API Integration
  • Self-Hosted Git Applications Support

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