Strong Network CDE Impact Calculator

Assess the Economic Impact of Secure Cloud Development Environments

Our impact calculator offers you insights into the economic benefits of using Strong Network's Secure Cloud Development Environment platform.

Compare Secure Cloud Development Environments to the use of secure, high-specs corporate development laptops.

Read also this article to understand the need for organizations to deliver secure environment online and replace corporate laptop!

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Assess the Cost of Secure Cloud Development

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How the Total Cost of Secure Development is Computed

  • The expense of a corporate laptop, amortized over two years.
  • The cost of the software enabling container-based development (e.g. Docker Desktop), gathering metrics, and ensuring basic security (see footnote 1.)
  • The cost of annual maintenance costs for these laptops, which covers both the software mentioned above as well as labor (footnote 1 as well.)

Next, we consider the 'Thin Laptop and Strong Network' scenario. It factors in similar costs but swaps out the developer software expenses for the licensing fees of the Strong Network platform. The platform offers all needed functionalities, so the aforementioned software is not needed. Yet, maintenance costs remain, adjusted according to the device's cost (see footnote 2.)

Lastly, the 'BYOD Policy and Strong Network' scenario reflects costs when a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is in place. Here, the organization doesn't bear the costs for devices or their maintenance. In scenarios that utilize cloud resources for development, we estimate yearly developer usage as explained in footnote 4. Check this customer use case to realize BYOD benefits.

Cost Model Parameters

Secure Development LaptopThin Laptop and Strong NetworkBYOD Policy and Strong Network
Laptop Policy
Policy options are a USD 3000 development laptop, or a USD 1000 thin latop, both amortized over two years, or BYOD.

USD 1'500

USD 500


Cloud Resources
CDEs use 4 CPUs/16Gb VMs running 8 h x 5 days x 4 weeks x 12 months per year (USD 0.17/h).


USD 366 4

USD 366 4

Software and Maintenance
For each scenario, licenses for container-based development, security, analytics plus cost of device maintenance (see footnotes).

USD 1'615 1

USD 1'465 2

USD 1'140 3

1 Docker Desktop™, Teleport™ Team version, Hatica™ analytics, Symantec™ Endpoint, Maintenance: 65% of device cost (WIPRO study:

2 Strong Network™ secure CDE Enterprise, Maintenance: 65% of device cost (WIPRO study:

3 Strong Network™ secure CDE Enterprise. No maintenance is planned for the device in this scenario.

4 For each scenario, hours per developer: scenario 1: 80h, scenario 2: 8h, scenario 3: 4h, based on the following Forrester's TEI Study: