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Tech Brief

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Tech Brief

Team-as-Code: How to Apply Platform Engineering to DevOps’ Coding Stage

Learn how secure Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) enable platform engineering to automate the creation and setup of user environments, personalize developer experiences, define and enforce data security policies, and streamline team onboarding at scale.

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Tech Brief

The Need for Secure Cloud Development Environments

In this article, I am discussing why organizations need Secure Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) for onboarding efficiently and securely diverse, global development teams. I review the benefits and challenges around this new approach to CDEs. Read how Secure CDEs are different from “standard CDE” like the ones from GitHub Codespace, GitPod or Coder.

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Tech Brief

Enterprise Compliant GenAI Coding with Secure Cloud-Based Development

In this article, we look at how GenAI practices can be made secure, compliant and productive for application development across the enterprise. In particular, we look at the main threats of using AI for code development and explain four key reasons why a Secure CDE platform is a key enabler to deploy a GenAI enterprise strategy.

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Tech Brief

Rediscovering DevOps' Heartbeat with Secure CDEs

Cloud Development Environments are pivotal in DevOps, streamlining the path from development to deployment. In this brief, I look at how they enhance the core DevOps principles: flow, feedback, and continuous learning. I focus on secure CDEs and the advantages of online coding, to show how they bring DevOps principles closer to developers and improve application development.

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Industry Brief

Securing Development: Differences in VDI, Browsers and CDEs

Which technology to secure your development process against data leaks? Check the key differences between the use of virtual desktops, enterprise browsers and secure cloud development environments along dimensions such as applicability to the development process, security and developer experience.

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Industry Brief

How Secure Cloud Development Replaces Virtual Desktops

In this article, I discuss how modern virtualization and security advancements have led to technology that enables the online delivery of secure development environments, eliminating the need for a virtual desktop infrastructure and secure development laptops.

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Industry Brief

How to Work with Remote Teams with Secure CDEs

Secure Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) have transformed software development, especially for organization facing challenges in remote collaboration settings. I explain here how these environments secure and streamline collaboration across geographically dispersed teams and allow organization to save costs.

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Tech Brief

Why and How We Made Cloud-Based Development Secure

This article is a short story of why and how my co-founder and I created the first Secure Cloud Development platform to jointly address the efficiency and security challenges of cloud-native application development. In particular, I explain how Secure Cloud Development is different from other Cloud-based development approaches and our target market.

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