About Strong Network

Strong Network is a renowned Swiss cybersecurity startup that has garnered international recognition for its innovative approach to addressing the complex challenges that come with managing distributed code development teams. This award-winning organization is steadfastly pioneering solutions that enhance IT efficiency and security in the software development sector.

We have set ourselves apart in the cybersecurity domain through our pioneering solutions that effectively leverage the power of software containers. This innovative technique secures coding environments, enabling developers to work remotely without the risk of compromising their work's integrity or the security of sensitive data. We have designed our software solutions to cater to a broad range of applications and industries, knowing full well that the world of IT is diverse and constantly evolving.

Central to our portfolio of groundbreaking solutions is our hybrid cloud platform. This advanced platform has been thoughtfully designed to assist global organizations in managing their external developers more efficiently and effectively. We extend our platform's capabilities beyond conventional solutions, integrating features that robustly prevent source code and data leaks. Our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest level of data security makes us a dependable partner in your software development process.

Our platform also offers advanced automated DevOps capabilities, which are aimed at further streamlining your operations and boosting your team's productivity. We believe in the power of automation to simplify complex processes and thus, we have integrated it into our platform to save your team's time. This allows your team to focus on what they are good at — creating cutting-edge software solutions.

At Strong Network, we understand the need for real-time monitoring of operations. Thus, our platform provides real-time monitoring metrics, offering you immediate insights into the performance of your operations. Our visual dashboards are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling you to keep track of your team's performance, resource access, and overall productivity.

Founded in 2020, Strong Network was established with a clear and ambitious vision — to revolutionize the way organizations approach secure code development. Our progress has been underpinned by the support of top European venture capital firms OpenOcean and Wingman Ventures. With their backing, our journey has been characterized by rapid growth, continuous learning, and a relentless pursuit of our mission to become the leading secure development workspace platform.

As we grow and evolve, we continue to maintain our startup spirit, which is characterized by innovation, agility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in the cybersecurity and software development sectors, which fuels our growth and informs our forward-thinking approach. As a cybersecurity leader, we strive to lead by example, always innovating and never settling.

We invite you to join us on our exciting journey as we continue to disrupt the cybersecurity industry, setting new benchmarks for secure, efficient software development. When you choose Strong Network, you are not just selecting a service provider; you are entering a partnership with a visionary leader in the cybersecurity space, a company that's committed to securing your data while promoting efficient software development.

About Strong Network

Strong Network is an award-winning Swiss cybersecurity startup that leverages software containers to solve the IT efficiency and security problems of running a distributed code development team. Our hybrid cloud platform helps global organizations manage external developers, prevent source code and data leaks, automate DevOps, as well as provide real-time monitoring metrics. Founded in 2020 and backed by top European VCs OpenOcean and Wingman Ventures, we are a fast-growing company with a vision to become the leading secure development workspace platform.

Who We Are

Meet the team of experienced entrepreneurs behind Strong Network supported by industry-leading investors and advisors.

Laurent Balmelli

Co-Founder and CEO

Enterpreneur with previous exit (Bloomberg article) who loves building innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Ozrenko Dragic

Co-Founder and CTO

One of the fastest engineering thinkers and doers you'll meet.
He leads all engineering efforts.

Marko Djokic

Engineering Lead

In charge of large and critical product features, it is done before you know it.


Pascal Mathis

Board Member and Lead Investor Representative

Successful startup founder who turned investor to help Swiss technology startups to grow into international leading companies.

Sauro Nicli

Lead Advisor and Investor

Experienced world-class CIO (SICPA, Axa Insurance), he is the most insightful and emphatic start-up advisor turned investor.

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