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Increase Developer Experience (DevX) and Productivity

Boost your team's productivity by 80% with Strong Network's CDE platform by streamlining provisioning, maintaining, and securing development environments.

Quickly onboard developers on ready-to-code environments with security that increases developer's productivity and experience. Integration with Git-based applications, CI/CD tools, and peer-editing enabled IDEs with collaboration functions ensures enhanced developer experience.

Manage multiple Cloud-native Linux environments across any device and switch projects with ease. Discover more about productivity gains and how to enhance DevOps efficiency in our webinar,
'Accelerating DevOps with Strong Network'.

Keep Your Development Assets Secure

Organizations control access to resources such as data, source code and credentials. Security mechanisms are transparent and do not get in the way of developers or slow down their workflow.

Protect development assets against exfiltration and infiltration with easy-to-configure security mechanisms that defend against potential legal, financial, or reputation damage.

Security Step
Dev process

Unmatched Observability of the Development Process

Keep real-time governance metrics of the DevSecOps process, including team performance, data access, security event logs and corporate policy compliance.

Automate reporting around risk controls in ISO 27001/27002 (Annex A5 to A17) , NIST 800-218 (Secure Software Development Framework), NIST 800-207 (Zero-Trust), and other industry standards.

Reduce Laptop Management and Compliance Costs

Optimize your budgets with Strong Network's Cloud Development Environments (CDEs), available either in your private cloud or on-premise. CDEs facilitate development on lightweight devices, reducing IT resource costs for development by over 50% and enhancing the developer experience.

Our CDEs let orgs maintain standard control mechanisms and configurations, delivering consistently ready-to-use environments across teams while reducing compliance costs. Discover your potential savings with our CDE impact calculator.



How Sirius Technologies Reduced IT Costs by 46% With Secure CDEs?

Watch the Sirius Webinar

What People Are Saying

"Easy to use cloud IDE that has advanced security features to protect the source code and sensitive data in Sirius, we do not issue standard laptop, we pay people allowance to the their own preferred hardware."
Jing Li
"Strong network intensive user

Easy to setup, easy to onboard people, wide range of customization. New developers can now be onboarded on our projects within minutes."
Louis Duruflé-Seta
Senior Engineering Manager, Security
"It protects our source code completely from developers and it's more convenient to use.

Technical support also is very responsive."
Mohamed Yahya
Technical Lead
"Awesome!!! value for the money. Great control over the software development.

Control the entire software development echo system with the ability to actively monitor that."
Andy Nallapan
"Strong Network solves a huge and growing pain point for companies trying to adopt a remote and hybrid working model and making use of the best talent all over the world without jeopardising their IP."
Patrik Backman
Co-Founder MySQL, Co-Founder at OpenOcean and MariaDB
"The Strong Network platform is an integral part of the CIO toolbox to enable secure and compliant development processes across the entire organization.

It allows companies to de-risk software development and enforce tighter compliance standards such as ISO-27001."
Sauro Nicli
Ex CIO AXA Insurance
"I've found Strong Network's environment to be both highly flexible and intuitive to use.

It goes a long way to address a particular and critical issue with code development and data sharing in a distributed environment."
Patrick D. Amon
Senior Advisor to Chairman and CEO at SICPA

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