Secure Collaborative Innovation

for code development and data science.

What we do

Strong Network provides a secure platform to develop, collaborate, outsource and measure team performance around code development and data science projects that protects code and data confidentiality and intellectual property across all organizational resources.

Information Security

Our platform brings to our adopters the highest ISO 27001 maturity level when setting up a data science or code development process inside the company or a process that include external collaborators.

Team Collaboration

Our platform brings real-time metrics to team members, managers and administrators such that their workload is lessen, collaborative experience is improved and their creativity blossoms.

Operation Traceability

Our platform provides full traceability for industry-specific audits, ISO 27001 compliance, data science operations (e.g. data lineage) across a wide array of tools and cloud infrastructure providers.

Intellectual Property

Our platform allows companies to dynamically manage the intellectual property that is created during data science and code development projects using advanced traceability mechanisms and metrics.

Tools Supported by our Platform

Code Development and Data Science

Visual Studio Code

All Jetbrains IDEs


Eclipse Theia
Tools and Suites



Mircosoft Teams

Google Suite
DevOps Tools










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Who We Are

A group of passionate people with different backgrounds who live and breathe what they do.

Laurent Balmelli
Product and Market
Ozrenko Dragic
Head of Engineering
Marko Djokic
Senior Software Engineer
Bastian Nanchen
Software Engineer
Björn Guðmundsson
Software Engineer
Fernando Monje
Software Engineer
Milos Mutavdzic
Frontend Engineer
Uros Stojiljkovic
Software Engineer Intern