The Most Secure Workspaces for Code Development

Deploy secure development environments in minutes while protecting your assets and improving your DevOps efficiency.


Manage External Developers

Set up your developers with a ready-to-use and secure coding environment in just 3 clicks.

The fully managed SaaS platform allows you to onboard and manage developers in any location while protecting your source code.

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Keep Your Development Assets Secure

Protect source code, data and all access credentials from leaks and exfiltration with easy-to-configure security mechanisms that work from any device regardless of operating system.

Security is transparent and does not get in the way of developers or slow down the process.

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Implement Process Compliance With Ease

Keep a real-time eye on all governance aspects of your DevSecOps process, including data access, team productivity and corporate policy compliance.

Implement relevant risk controls for DevSecOps and automate reporting through dashboards.

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One Technology. Two Solutions.

Strong Workspace

for Remote Developers

  • Our fully managed SaaS platform serves companies looking to economically and efficiently lead a distributed team of developers while protecting their source code and IP.
  • Frontend, Backend and Mobile Development
  • Set up a Virtual Workspace in Seconds
  • BYOD Onboarding
  • Audit & Productivity Metrics
  • Data Security With ZTA, DLP and CASB
  • Flexible Monthly Plans

Virtual Workspace Infrastructure

for Enterprise

  • Installed on private cloud or on-premise, our enterprise-grade virtual workspace infrastructure enables large organizations to accelerate the provisioning of environments for code development while providing a mechanism to ensure data asset security and compliance.
  • All Strong Workspace Features
  • Private Instance or On-Premise Development
  • Enterprise-Grade Security (ZTA, DLP, CASB)
  • Risk Controls Compliance (ISO 27x, SSDF)
  • Real-Time Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting
  • On-Demand Training and 24/7 Enterprise Support

What People Are Saying

"I've found Strong Network's environment to be both highly flexible and intuitive to use.

It goes a long way to address a particular and critical issue with code development and data sharing in a distributed environment (which of course is the way most development is done, these days).

A very flexible solution supported by a very able and dedicated team."

Patrick D. Amon

Senior Advisor to
Chairman and CEO at SICPA

"What Laurent, Ozrenko and their team have achieved so far is very impressive and they are well on their way to changing how developers work across the globe.

Strong Network solves a huge and growing pain point for companies trying to adopt a remote and hybrid working model and making use of the best talent all over the world without jeopardising their IP"

Patrik Backman

Co-Founder MySQL
General Partner, CEO &
Co-Founder at OpenOcean
Co-Founder MariaDB