Secure Enterprise Alternative to GitPod

Strong Network is the first self-hosted platform that offers both CDE productivity and infrastructure security against data leaks.

The platform has been deployed across complex settings, either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with a VDI, at Fortune 500 companies, including the reference customers listed below:


Why choose
Strong Network platform vs GitPod?


Fast CDE’s access via IDE and SSH

Most advanced management platform for Cloud Development Environments with access via Cloud and local IDE with SSH (aka remote development);
Resource and policy management at project, organizations and platform level.


Protect Resource Access and Data-in-Use

Full protection of resource credentials via transparent access proxy with Single Sign-On (SSO) that keeps developers “out of the security loop”; Data loss prevention with clipboard monitoring and network policies.


Ensure Governance and Compliance

Protection of data in Web Applications (GitHub, GitLab, Jira, etc) via Remote Browser Isolation (RBI); Patented DevSecOps automation methods; Real-time logs around security, risk controls (ISO 27001, NIST SSDF, etc).

Feature Comparison

Core Featuresstrong-network-Logogitpod-logo
Self-Hosted Platform
Multiple Supported IDEs
VSCode, JetBrains Gateway, JupyterLab, Command Line (e.g. Vim)VSCode, JetBrains Gateway, JupyterLab, Command Line (e.g. Vim)
Supported Git Applications
GitHub, GitLab, BitBuckets or othersGitHub, GitLab, BitBuckets or others
Peer Coding using Workspace Sharing
Advanced Configuration of Templates
info-circleThe platform lets you create Templates with advanced resource and security specifications that will apply to the associated Workspaces.
Performance & Security Dashboards for Comprehensive Project Insights
info-circleThe platform offers detailed dashboards, providing insights into team performance, efficiency, system logs, and security alerts.
Customizable Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Model
checkmarkRBAC Model Non-Customizable
Manage Users Across Platform, Organisations and Projects
Automate DevSecOps with secret leak detection, external code paste, etc.
Prevent Credentials theft in developers’ environments and enable SSO to resources
info-circleThe platform provides credential abstraction for developers, enhancing protection against attacks and preventing data leaks.
Prevent Data Leaks with DLP-Enabled Cloud IDEs
info-circleTo prevent code from leaking outside the Cloud IDE, the platform enforces Data Loss Prevention policies.
Prevent Data Leaks in Web Apps (e.g. GitHub) with Remote Browser Isolation
info-circleThe platform ensures data leak prevention by enforcing access through an isolated browser for web applications.
Control CDE’s Traffic via Network Policies
info-circleAdministrators and project owners can set network security policies. These can be applied to individual or multiple workspace containers to precisely manage available network resources.
Implementations of ISO 27001/02 Technical Risk Controls
info-circleThe platform has implemented all relevant ISO 27001 risk controls for the DevSecOps process. By using this platform, organizations can achieve compliance efficiently and economically.
Platform API
info-circleThe platform allows full control and integration via an API with over 150 endpoints. This facilitates complete enterprise application control and integration with security and analytics tools such as Splunk and Sumologic.

Contact us for more information or if the comparison is out of date. Last updated: 14/07/2023

Still Deciding?

Strong Network is an award-winning startup, trusted by Fortune 500 Organizations
in the Technology, Finance, Insurance and Critical Infrastructure sectors.