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Self-adopted Public SaaS

Private SaaS With 24/7 Support


  • Installed on private cloud or on-premise, our enterprise-grade container management platform enables large organizations to accelerate provisioning of developer environments for code development while providing a mechanism to ensure development assets security and compliance.
  • All Public SaaS Features
  • Private Instance or On-Premise Development
  • Enterprise-Grade Security (ZTA, DLP, CASB)
  • Risk Controls Compliance (ISO 27x, SSDF)
  • Real-Time Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting
  • On-Demand Training and 24/7 Enterprise Support

Enterprise Use Cases

Replacing Secured Laptops

Shipping laptops to outsourced or remote developers creates unnecessary complexity and ineffectiveness, and costs the organization. Adding security makes it even more difficult.

Our platform allows organizations to deliver the functional equivalent of a secure laptop accessible from any device connected to the internet, effectively accelerating the provisioning of remote developers while reducing IT infrastructure costs.

ISO 27001 Risk Controls Compliance

ISO 27001 compliance across a development process is achieved with risk controls. Doing so using numerous tools throughout the process results in complex, costly and hard-to-maintain mechanisms.

Our platform implements relevant ISO 27001 risk controls for DevSecOps and allows automated reporting through dashboards. Organizations can effectively and economically demonstrate compliance.

Developer-friendly Alternative To DaaS

The use of desktop-as-a-service solutions to remove data from developers’ laptops often result in usability issues and require additional tools, if possible, to really secure data from leaks or access control to resources.

Our platform provides a developer-focused, workspace-as-a-service alternative that embeds all necessary security to fully protect the organization’s data access and usage, in addition to providing the same user experience as a local setting, which guarantees developer’s comfort.

DevSecOps Automation & Governance

The systematic use of containers plays a key part in automating transitions between DevOps states from coding to deployment. Auditing containers' resource access is central to process governance data protection.

Our platform enables organizations to provision containers as development environments where data access is brokered by the platform. Data security for all DevOps resources is enforced by design, and live audit logs allow for real-time compliance policy verification.

How we Compare

Scope of UseCollaboration Features for DevelopersStrong Authentification
(incl. 2FA)
Continuous Process AuditingAttribute-Based Access ControlMicro-SegmentationData Loss Prevention: Clipboard MonitoringData Loss Prevention: Network MonitoringDynamic Security PoliciesFull Zero-Trust Architecture

Virtual Workspace Infrastructure

Scope of UseCoding and data science IDE
Collaboration Features for DevelopersIncluded
Strong Authentification
(incl. 2FA)
Continuous Process AuditingIncluded, process-wide
Attribute-Based Access ControlIncluded
Micro-SegmentationIncluded (and fully automated!)
Data Loss Prevention: Clipboard MonitoringIncluded
Data Loss Prevention: Network MonitoringIncluded
Dynamic Security PoliciesIncluded
Full Zero-Trust ArchitectureIncluded

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Scope of UseGeneral-Purpose OS
or Applications
Collaboration Features for DevelopersApplication dependent
Strong Authentification
(incl. 2FA)
(Citrix and VMWare Horizon)
Continuous Process AuditingIncluded, user terminal only
Attribute-Based Access ControlDIY
Data Loss Prevention: Clipboard MonitoringIncluded
(Citrix and VMWare Horizon)
Data Loss Prevention: Network MonitoringDIY
Dynamic Security PoliciesDIY
Full Zero-Trust ArchitectureDIY

Experienced CIO Feedback

"The Strong Network platform is an integral part of the CIO toolbox to enable secure and compliant development processes across the entire organization and also between the organization and its outsourcing partners.

It allows to de-risk the development of software and to enforce tighter compliance standards, in particular those promoted by the NIST and required for an ISO 27001 certification."

Sauro Nicli

AXA Insurance